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Long Ago

Few people in existence were worthy of love the god of creation gifted on a whim. One would think Nox walked using stardust and bloomed flowers in his wake for how much devotion Lux showered him with. Instead, he served as the shepherd of the dead and dying. Neither cruel nor benevolent. He was a vampire of an unfathomable age hardened by apathy. Someone whose smile was cherished, too chillingly beautiful for words.

Even now, Lux battled desire as he stared down at his sleeping lover. They'd spent half the night awake, indulging in one another. Nox's long hair was across the pillows, ink spilling on ivory. His dark toned skin covered in tattoos rippled with muscle, barely concealed by the sheets. 

“Amatus,” he called, voice pitched low. 

Nox stirred, eyes bright as soon as they opened, sleepily connecting with Lux’s. While not smiling, he was soft with endearment. Devourable. Lux licked his lips and exercised every ounce of self control not to shed his carefully elaborate outfit just to worship Nox all over again. 

He lived to bestow his lover satisfaction and comfort. Now that the world and universe were created, he need not worry about all individual life. Free will existed for the good of order… So now he could devote his time entirely to Nox. 

The level of obsession they held for one another was equal in measure but not style. Nox was very involved with his work. He would leave the moment he was fully conscious and aware that it was morning. However, he would pine and mourn the loss of his beloved all day before ravaging him when they returned home. 

It was an addictive cycle Lux wouldn't dare point out. He liked things exactly as they were, passionate and content. Nox stretched his arms over head, flexing his stomach by rolling his hips. Before Lux knew it, he stood by the edge of the bed, reaching out his hand. Nox humored him, guiding it to his cheek to nuzzle his nose into his palm.  

“Is it morning already? Or are you looking for more?”

Lux rose a brow. “Morning, would you like more?”

“No, I can't take your attention, go, shoo.”

Nox playfully fluttered his wrist and simultaneously pushed Lux's hand away. He refused to go, kicking off his sandals to crawl on top of his lover, lips curving even as they pressed into his. Nox accepted his kiss, opening his mouth and practically begging to taste Lux’s tongue. They luxuriated in one another for several minutes before breaking away, panting into each other's mouth. 

“I cannot be seduced right now.”

Nox whined, low and exaggerated. He knew exactly how much it affected his partner. Lux had years to practice his restraint, however, and was not moved. He stood up while trailing a few final fingers down Nox's arm. 

“I'm due at the alliance building in fifteen ticks.”

Nox sighed, deflating. “Fine, leave without taking responsibility.”

“I would never truly leave, I promise. Should we be parted, I will kill each and every person between us, no matter their rank or race.”

Nox startled at the serious turn of conversation, snorting a surprised laugh. It was gruff with disuse but Lux ate it up, involuntarily wandering back within touching distance. That was when Nox struck, grabbing the bigger man around the waist and pulling him down onto the bed. Lux fell without a fight, threading his fingers through Nox's hair. 

“You're too serious all the time,” Nox scolded. “Perhaps you'll be funnier in the next life!”

Their eyes met, amber to depthless blue. Tongues tied next, wet and lewd as Nox explored every aspect of Lux's mouth. It was mind numbing how much Nox wanted him. Every time. Over and over. His eyes rolled back into his head when Nox rutted against his hardness. 

Lux knew he was bewitched by the devil. Everyone told him so as if it were a revelation he couldn't quite grasp. But he was a devout disciple, begging at the foot of his keeper. 

“Not the next or even the next, perhaps a new millennium is required.”

Nox laughed, cupping Lux’s cheeks with a grin. “You're probably right, but does that mean I'll have to be the brooding one?”

“I can't see it, but it would be thrilling to convince you to fall for me.”

“So confident.”

“Just as you own my heart and soul, yours belong to me. There is no world or existence in which I do not love you.”

Luxian stole another long kiss before jumping up. Nox didn't stop him, knowing they were out of time. The chasm between them widened despite standing in the same room. Something primal within Lux warned him not to leave Nox alone, but that happened almost every time he left. It was nothing new, an ordinary morning, even. 

Neither knew it would be the last one they had.

Disillusioned by love, Elias battles his potent pheromones, making him an unwitting magnet for men. This led to scars he could never get rid of and residual trauma he barely acknowledged. Opting for a career over romance, he navigates judgment, deflects advances, and guards his freedom fiercely. Yet, a twist unfolds as Elias's artificially suppressed omega nature surfaces, exposing vulnerability. Three alpha males compete for his attention, thrusting him into an unexpected dilemma. Will he sacrifice everything for the fleeting allure of true love?

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