If you pre-ordered my book, The Benevolent Heir, you'll see a cancellation email soon. I've had life changes over the past eight months that have taken away my creativity. I'm getting back into writing now and might start a Ream where you can read all my work and the new book chapter by chapter as I write it so you can still read if you'd like. I'll keep you updated, and I hope you understand.

Disillusioned by love, Elias battles his potent pheromones, making him an unwitting magnet for men. This led to scars he could never get rid of and residual trauma he barely acknowledged. Opting for a career over romance, he navigates judgment, deflects advances, and guards his freedom fiercely. Yet, a twist unfolds as Elias's artificially suppressed omega nature surfaces, exposing vulnerability. Three alpha males compete for his attention, thrusting him into an unexpected dilemma. Will he sacrifice everything for the fleeting allure of true love?

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Starcrossed lovers who can't deny fate...

After a one-night stand turned blood bond, Victor swore to keep his enemy out of bed and sever their connection. The man wasn't his to claim—that right belonged to his elder brother while he'd been reduced to bodyguard.

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I enjoyed writing this short, smutty story! The characters are both off their rocker, clearly, but that's what I love about all the protagonists I bring to life. Read this book if you want to follow a mafia don wooing the chief of police into marriage rather than killing him. This is book one in a slow-growing novella series acting as a slice-of-life story. Snatch it up and come along for a wild ride!

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