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The Malevolent Heir - Signed Paperback Edition

The Malevolent Heir - Signed Paperback Edition

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Signed paperback edition with a custom message!

Description -

Lucian and Victor were monsters of their predecessors' making.

All of Infernum cowered beneath the ruthless devotion the mafia men exuded. While silver tongues were their primary weapon, blood was their currency. As far as they were concerned, emotions were a crutch and a liability...and yet, the raw magnetism snapping between them spanned beyond even an enforcer's iron control. 

After a one-night stand turned budding blood bond, Victor swore to keep the saint out of his bed and sever the connection before it became permanent.

Because Lucian wasn't Victor's to claim—that right belonged to his elder brother while he'd been reduced to the role of bodyguard.

It didn't matter that Lucian smelled like Heaven and tasted like Hell, Victor had bigger things to worry about. Despite peaceful negotiations, the syndicates were on the precipice of something dangerous and he was rushing against time. All Victor had to do was fight the blood bond pulling them together like an ever-tightening snare.

It should be easy... right?

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